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Automatically post Tweets to Discord

You must have Admin permissions in your server in order to setup Auto-Posting.

This feature lets you set up Twitter account so that when they Tweet, they will be automatically posted to a Discord channel in your server.

How to start Auto-Posting

Firstly, go to the channel that you'd like to start receiving Tweets in, then run the command t!autopost start <handle>. So for example, if you wanted to start receiving posts from the @BBC Twitter account, you'd run t!autopost start BBC. If you'd like the messages to also include Retweets, Links or Pings, then look at auto-posting flags

When you first setup Auto-Posting, It can take up to 2 minutes before Tweets begin to arrive in Discord

Auto-posting flags

Flags allow you to add special properties to your auto-posting accounts. Here are the avaliable flags:

  • --retweet This includes Retweets within auto-posting.
  • --link Provide the link to the Tweet.
  • --everyone Will automatically @everyone every time a new Tweet is recieved from this account.
  • --ping If you include #tweetshiftbot at the beginning of a Tweet, the bot will automatically @everyone when a Tweet is recieved.

To use a flag, just include it at the end of the command, for example, to include Retweets from the @SpaceX account, you would run: t!autopost start SpaceX --retweet, or using whatever flag you choose.

Stopping Auto-Posting

To stop an account from Auto-Posting to a channel, just run t!autopost stop <handle> in the same channel which the Tweets are being posted in. So for example, if you wanted to stop receiving posts from the @BBC Twitter account that we showed in the last example, you'd run t!autopost stop BBC.

Seeing the list of Auto-Posting accounts in your server

To see which accounts are being autoposted in your server, just run t!autopost list, and you'll be displayed with the accounts being posted in your server.