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💫 TweetShift Premium

TweetShift Premium is the Premium tier of TweetShift. It allows server owners/admins to active TweetShift's advanced features in their server.

What does TweetShift Premium do?

  • Allows you to activate up to 400 Twitter auto-posting subscriptions instead of the regular 40.
  • Use Tweet Reactions in your server.
  • Prioritizes yourself in the support server to get support faster than anyone else.
  • You'll also get access to new features and beta releases before anyone else.
  • We'll guarantee that the bot will have at least 95% uptime1 during your Premium term.
  • White-label TweetShift auto-posting (remove our branding)
  • Setup roles to be pinged on new Tweets
  • Set your own Twitter Lists to be auto-posted Coming soon
  • And of course, It will support continuous development of TweetShift.
  • Try out Premium

    We always want our customers to have the best experience with TweetShift, which is why you can try TweetShift Premium for 2 weeks for free, Run t!premium to learn more!

    Get TweetShift Premium

    You can get TweetShift Premium from the TweetShift Dashboard (you can run t!premium to get the link directly to your server's Dashboard). We use Stripe to process payments, you can use Credit/Debit Cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay and also local options.

    We unfortunatly cannot accept PayPal due to their fees and API limitations. We only accept PayPal in certain situations. Open a support ticket for more information.

    Cancelable anytime

    If you're not enjoying TweetShift Premium for any reason, you can cancel easily from the Dashboard and we'll stop charging you immediately.

    Help with payments


    1 - In the event of a third-party outage, such as a Twitter outage or Discord outage, the outage is completely uncontrolable from our end, therefore it will not be counted towards our uptime guarantee.