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Tweet Reactions

Reactions allow you to Like and Retweet directly from TweetShift.

Premium Feature

Due to the recent influx of users using TweetShift, we cannot currently afford to run this feature in the free plan. You can continue using Tweet Reactions with TweetShift Premium. We're sorry for this inconvenience and are currently investigating other solutions.

As you can see above, TweetShift will automatically fill the 'Like' and 'Retweet' buttons for you. All you have to do is click to the emoji for either 'Like' or 'Retweet' for what you'd like to do.

When you click on the emoji TweetShift will then 'Like' or 'Retweet' emoji, TweetShift will then perform the action via your Twitter account. You'll also recieve a DM to confirm that the action was succesful.

Disabling Reactions in your server

You must be an Admin, or the Owner on the server you want to modify Reaction settings on.

If you'd prefer not to have the 'Like' and 'Retweet' feature in your server, you can disable this feature with an Admin command. Just run t!admin setreactions disable to turn off reactions, and t!admin setreactions enable to turn them on again.